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Perfect Blue is a six-piece band from Chicago, IL. Perfect Blue was formed out of a desire to see something a little different in their local music scene. Based out of a recording studio that doubles as their practice spot, and armed with synthesizers, mellotrons, horns, vintage drum machines, and dozens of guitar effects; Perfect Blue draws from all over the musical palette to create a mirage of textures to back up their captivating songs.

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11/18/2018 - Abbey Cat Recordings
1/8/2019 - Schubas Tavern
2/4/2019 - The Owl 
4/24/2019 - The Whistler
7/18/2019 - The Bowling Alley
10/12/2019 - The Gallery Cabaret
10/30/2019 - The Burlington Bar
11/23/2019 - Abbey Cat Recordings
12/6/2019 - Moe's Tavern
12/11/2019 - The Tonic Room

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"...The band is highly adept at crafting warm textures beneath their melodically engaging delivery..." - Obscure Sound
"Perfect Blue are a Chicago six piece with a lo-fi angle on cinematic dream-pop. It works like a treat..." - electric sound of joy
"...smooth and euphoric indie-rock grooves..."- Mystic Sons
"...Perfect Blue inhabits this super organic and fruitful slice of musical creativity..." - American Pancake

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Chicago, Illinois

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